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Canny Cold Pressed Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Organic Cold Pressed CBD Oil is handmade and comes from a pesticide free organic certified Hemp Farm here in the UK. We dont compromise on the ingredients that go into our products. Cold Pressed CBD Oil is pressed without heat, meaning all of the delicate and raw nutrients aren’t destroyed by the heat used in traditional methods.

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Cold Pressed Gummies


Discover the impact of our Cold Pressed CBD Oil in gummy form.

We wholeheartedly attest to Cold Pressed oil as the ultimate choice, that’s why we have gone and infused into our amazing vegan gummies!

Gummies are a slower releasing delivery method that oil and are great for day time use.

  • 100% ORGANIC CBD
  • 100G = 18-20 GUMMIES

100g, 200g


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Meet the mushroom

Chaga is thought to help support the immune system and improve overall health. Additionally, it is often found growing on birch trees in the colder regions, such as Siberia and Canada, and it’s known for its unique appearance, which is a black, burnt-looking exterior.

Chaga has quite an earthy taste, similar to coffee but not as strong.

Chaga mushroom is often referred to as the “king of mushrooms” due to its potential health benefits, particularly for immune support.

Chaga mushrooms contain various bioactive compounds, including polysaccharides and beta-glucans, which are believed to have immune-stimulating effects. Chaga contains kojic acid and betulinic acid, compounds that are often used to nourish and hydrate the skin, as well as reduce the appearance of wrinkles. (1) This fungus contains a plethora of antioxidants. For instance, one cup of Chaga has the equivalent of 600 blueberries in terms of antioxidants, which may help support the immune system. (2)

Chaga, unlike coffee, doesn’t give you caffeine crashes or jitters. It may provide a slow release of energy. One rodent study performed on 64 mice showed that the mice that were given Chaga mushrooms had longer physical endurance and were fatigued less often than those that were not administered Chaga mushrooms (3).

Chaga has a long history of use in traditional medicine, particularly in Siberia, Russia, and other parts of Asia. Chaga has been used for centuries in Siberian and Russian folk medicine. It is believed that the indigenous people of Siberia were among the first to discover and use Chaga for its potential health benefits. The traditional use of Chaga was primarily for immune support, overall well-being, and to help alleviate various health conditions. Chaga was used in Finland during the Second World War as a substitute for coffee as it is native to Finnish people and has a similar earthy taste!

How to prepare your CannyCBD

Follow these easy steps to kickstart your day


Add 2g to a cup


Pour in hot water & stir well


Add your favourite milk, if desired


Or add to coffee, shakes or smoothies

The CannyCBD Promise

100% organic fruiting body. No mycelium


Organic Mushrooms

We exclusively use organically-grown mushrooms in our powders, ensuring that you're fueling your body with pure, pesticide-free ingredients directly harvested from nature.


Dual Extraction

We extract both the water-soluble components (polysaccharides) and alcohol-soluble components (triterpenoids), offering you the full spectrum of benefits of each mushroom.


Third-party Tested

Each CannyCBD product batch is third-party tested for quality and purity, guaranteeing that you're getting exactly what you see on the label - nothing less, nothing more.

CannyCBD Recipes

See what you can make with Chaga Mushroom Powder

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